Author Bio

Johanna has always had a passion for writing, even at a very young age. When she was five years old, her teacher asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. The answer was: A writer and an artist. It is safe to say that she hasn't deviated far from that mindset. 

A busy wife and mother of three, Johanna is heavily involved in her kids schooling. Though this current lifestyle differs greatly than the background she has in fashion design, Johanna loves being a parent and finds working with the school children both rewarding and fulfilling. 

However, it is when she has the laptop in front of her and can unleash her creativity, that Johanna's soul is truly awakened. Writing is the core of who she is, her quest is to share that with the world. 

Johanna was born in a small town in the Bay of Plenty. (New Zealand) She and her family now live on a rural property near the city of Hamilton, along with cats, cows, chickens and four crazy goats. 

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