20 June 2012

Humbled by a Disability

Life has well and truly pinned me down lately. All my good intentions with this blog and the facebook page have unfortunately gone by the by. However, it is never too late I feel, and so here I am ready to pick myself up, dust myself off and plough ahead.

I had a brief period where everything seemed to be in disarray. I struggled to keep myself pointed in the right direction, but I refused to let go of my optimism and convinced myself things would settle down. Of course they did, and that positivity paid off. I've been just as busy this week but somehow my head is clearer.

I worked with the writing groups on Tuesday, and today I was requested in a different classroom - still at six year old level. I felt honored to have been 'loaned' to another teacher, and I had a great time meeting all the new kids I had to work with today. After playtime (recess) I worked with my ACAR kids. (reading recovery for the kids with learning difficulties) I have to say, I never expected to be this involved with areas of the school not pertaining to my own children, but I am loving it. Truly loving it. It is so rewarding to have those children beam up at you when you arrive at the classroom to collect them, because you have come for them and only them. To see their proud smile when you commend them on making a small sliver of progress with their reading. They know they are struggling and they are so grateful to have volunteers like me to help them.

Even though I've only been volunteering at the school for a short time, I have learned a lot. Not just about the school and the way things work, but about myself. I guess you could say I have gained a new perspective. Reading and writing are something that many of us take for granted. Especially those who have a great passion for them. How easy it is to forget, or to fail to notice that some who are less proficient at it do not love it any less.

I know that I am one person, working with one small group of students. On a worldly scale it is a very small thing indeed. But I am not the only one who is willing to donate my time to help those who just need a gentle push and some encouragement. With enough recognition and assistance these kids could still achieve miracles. Their learning disabilities need not hold them back. They're still smart, they just need extra help.

So as I continue my writing, I see the world as a more rounded sphere instead of a small view of it through a tiny window. It has humbled me, and I am glad of this fact. I am always on the road of self improvement, and I have a burning desire to learn and absorb all that I can about this gift that I've been given, this life. If I could touch half as many people with my writing as the number of people who have touched my heart in life, I would be a happy woman.

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