3 September 2012


At last, The Mercenary is finally available for purchase! You can buy it in paperback, hardcover and kindle editions so come and check it out!

Buy The Mercenary-Therian-Secrets (click here)

Because this was my first solo novel, it's been a long and challenging road to walk. Everything came as a new experience to me. From the finer points of the etiquette of writing to the editing battle, and trying to fit this in and around my family commitments, it seemed for a while there that this journey would never be complete.

Now here I stand with this chapter closed and ready to give to the world, and it is an amazing feeling. I am well on the way to starting the next chapter - or the next book should I say - and I am loving every moment of this journey.


  1. Saving up for my copy! After reading your short story I can't wait to read this!

    1. Thank you Andrea, I'm glad you enjoyed Hunted. New Beginnings will be out in the next few weeks. I hope you enjoy The Mercenary when you are able to get a copy.