14 February 2013

Sisterhood of the Travelling Blog - Round Four

It's time for the fourth and final round of Sisterhood of the Travelling Blog! Please join me in welcoming Tracey Steinbach to my blog today and enjoy reading an excerpt from her latest work in progress "Pretty Please." This week you can find my entry on Ashley's blog (Click here)

Excerpt From Your Current Work In Progress
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I wrote this passage today and I love it! An experienced author friend spent 3 hours of her Saturday with me on Skype, brainstorming. She and I talked about adding this scene and now that I have, I am tickled with it. So, I wanted to share.

“Thea washed up and started to turn off the lights in the garage. She had one quick stop on the way home. When the doors were locked, Thea climbed into her car and drove two streets over. She parked around back because she absolutely did not want Gwen to see her car there. Thea walked around the building and in the front door. The motion sensor that caught Thea’s entrance gave a cheery jingle then went silent. Mr. Kennedy walked out from the back hallway still wearing his jeweler’s glasses. “Hi Thea! How are you, dear?"

Thea really liked Mr. Kennedy. She could have probably bought Gwen’s birthday present at any of the stores in the mall and she’d have loved it but Mr. Kennedy had always been good to Thea and she respected him. “I’m great, Mr. Kennedy. How are you?”

          “I’m old and worn out, I’m afraid. Mrs. Kennedy will be looking to trade me in any day now.” He winked at her, grinning.

            Thea chuckled. “She better watch out. If she puts you out, I may switch sides and snatch you up for myself.”

           He cackled with delight before pulling out a drawer under the display counter. He pulled the small box and receipt out and set them on the counter in front of Thea. “Last payment, Thea. Your lady will surely be excited.”

         Thea shook her head. She pulled her wallet out and handed him her debit card. “Its for Gwen’s birthday. She’s the only lady in my life, Mr. Kennedy.”

          He handed her the box, tilting his head. He seemed to be considering her before he spoke. The teasing from a minute ago was gone when he spoke. “Gwen, huh? I always liked that girl. I’ve never seen two people closer than the two of you, other than me and Mrs. Kennedy.”

             Thea took the box and thanked him. She opened the lid and looked at the ring inside. “Gwenny will love this.” She looked up as she closed the lid, again. “Gwen’s been my best friend forever. I don’t imagine that will change anytime soon. At least, I hope not.” 

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