17 May 2013

Unexpected Inspiration

Isn't it funny how you think you know where things are at, when 'boom' something hits you and turns that all upside down?

There has been a lot on my plate these past few months. Some health challenges, a lot going on with my kids, moving house...  on top of that I have been working on re releasing the first novel in my Therian Secrets series - THE MERCENARY. After that I have book two - THE FURY all set to follow. That's enough to make anyone's head spin right? Apparently in my case, the universe decided that no, it was not enough.

I've been exhausting myself working on my series for a long time now. In the back of my mind I have wisps of ideas, little sparks waiting to be set aflame. There are a number of projects I could begin but they were all waiting for me to get past the release of The Mercenary and The Fury.

The stress and pressure of getting my books out as soon as possible began to get to me. I felt as though I was living/eating/breathing just to get the next page of my edit done. As you can imagine, that takes a lot of the fun out of it. Most of us writers began this journey because of our heartfelt joy in telling/sharing a story. So I started to wonder if perhaps I should take a break from the edits.

For the next twelve hours I felt at a loose end, trying to decide how to fill the void left by the editing I kept telling myself I should be doing. When I'd done all my chores I found myself sitting right back in front of the laptop. All of a sudden I had this burning need to tell a story. A specific story...

Characters that I had toyed with once before became very prominent in my mind, demanding my full attention. The last thing I need right now is another WIP but these guys are very persistent! So, somehow I have found the time to do a little research and planning. I'm not sure when this WIP will get fully underway but it is exactly the reprieve I needed. I've decided that maybe the universe doesn't have it in for me after all...

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