14 October 2012

End of Vacation

The school holidays (vacation) are finally drawing to a close. During most term breaks I struggle to keep my children entertained and find myself spending most of the long hours breaking up squabbles and separating trouble makers. These holidays however, it was a drastic change. 

At first I couldn't understand it at all and began to wonder if aliens had body-snatched the children or if I was about to wake up from some strange dream, but then I stopped to think about it. We kept very busy this time around. I visited someone different every day, or had someone stop by to visit us. We caught up with quite a variety of people, family and friends, even some acquaintances that I hadn't seen for years. They didn't act out because - quite plain and simply - they didn't have time to get bored.

For five days out of those sixteen I took the kids to the beach. What a glorious break away that was.The place where we stay is in the region where I grew up, and incidentally the region that inspired the fictional community of Redcliffe in my book The Mercenary. Even though I've lived away from this area for more than ten years, I always feel as though I'm coming home when I return. 

So the kids will be back at school tomorrow, and I will be back to my Acar tutoring and my seven year old writing groups/classroom activities. In some ways I'm really looking forward to it, but a small part of me does wish I could have stayed at the beach a little longer. Hopefully once the routines all fall back into place, I will also fall back into my regular writing rhythm. The Fury - which is the second book in the Therian Secrets series (And follows The Mercenary) Is already more than 55,000 words long. I'm off to a good start.

So where ever you are in your little corner of the world, I hope that the change of seasons has settled for you and all is well. I'm off to make a fresh cup of coffee and sit down to write. xxx

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