31 October 2012

Sisterhood of the Travelling Blog - Day 1 - L.S Broomfield

The first day of Sisterhood of the Travelling Blog is here! Please give a warm welcome to the guest author on my blog today: L.S. Broomfield,  as she talks about the inspirations behind the location her book is set. Comments are most welcome on our travelling blog, and anyone who comments or joins any of the participating blogs will go in the draw to win an e-book from one of the travelling blog authors. (A list of possible choices will be made available to the winner upon completion)

“Where in the world did that idea come from?”   

Sisterhood of the travelling blog – copyright L.S. Broomfield

Blog 1:

I have read books, magazines and short stories through the years and have often thought, Where in the world did they come up with these ideas?! I could never understand where an author would take one idea and build this intense, creative and stimulating world that lasted chapters and pages and with every turn of the page, or click of a button, somehow managed to keep me immersed in their make believe world, so much so, that I didn’t want it to end.
That very question eluded me for many years.  Until now.

I don’t exactly remember what I was doing when the Cruentus world took hold of me. All I had in the beginning were names and even searching for those were a task within itself. I didn’t want just any normal name; of course I had to make it hard for myself, right? Through the help of a past, dear friend of mine, she helped me find the name Cruentus. Immediately, I fell in absolute love with it and from there Dragos Cruentus was born.

He was a warlock and in my mind a badass. Arms and body riddled with tattoos and a mouth that a mother would love to wash out with soap. He was toned but not overly muscled and had the bluest eyes and the most sinful smirk that would make a female weak in the knees. I had no clear direction of where Dragos Cruentus would take me so in the beginning I wrote random things for him.

Why did I choose Italian roots? That’s a good question. Why did I? Well, I have always loved looking at pictures of Italy and have always been in love with the language. For argument sake, we’ll say he’s fluent for character integrity. So here I had this amazing character in my head, a warlock so I figured why not root his family from a place I have always wanted to visit. Italy.

But my vision didn’t end there. My vision of the Cruentus name grew and took on the life of not one but many. The first to enter the scene was Lucio Magus Cruentus, brother to Dragos. I felt there needed to be a yin to his yang. Where Dragos was firey, in your face and the mouth of a sailor; Lucio was milder, softer and a bit of a jokester. He enjoyed life and loved to live it. Dragos was definitely more serious in my mind. It was a perfect combination.

Over the months that followed the birth of Lucio Magus and Dragos Cruentus, my mind began to swirl of ideas, situations and even giving each old and new characters a greater depth. I felt I needed to explain Dragos and in order to do that I needed to show where he came from. How would I do that? By writing about his grandfather Arturo and his parents Donato and Emiliana.

The Cruentus world that budded from the mere name of Dragos Cruentus has completely ensnared me. It brought the desire to write and transformed it from a simple ‘want’ to write and made me feel like I needed to write it. So that’s how my creation began.

If there was something I could say to those wanting to start writing it’s this: Don’t get caught up in details, they’ll come. All it takes at times is just a name and a vision of your lead and then the rest will just breathe from that.

Copyright @ L.S. Broomfield

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  1. I love when the ideas take on a momentum of their own like that Lisa. :)I look forward to seeing how your novel turns out.

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