16 January 2013

Puppets on an Author's String

When I can hide behind my computer, I can conquer the world. I am fearless and I can be the me I have always been in the deepest recesses of my heart. It gives me the power to create amazing new lands, it gives me the strength to tell huge tales derived directly from the bounds of my imagination.

If you meet me, you may find that I can be shy. I don't always know what to say and I probably blush and giggle a lot. I'm clumsy and sometimes very random. 

You see we writers are often introverts. We are more content to observe the amazing goings on of the world. It is after all where we gain our ideas and our inspiration. However if you want to know the true writer, if you want to feel their heart and soul, you must read what they write. 

For every single character a writer allows to emerge will possess a tiny piece of the writer's heart. Their personality and traits might be very different to the writer themselves but look closer. There will be a tiny detail, one the writer may not even know has leaked onto the page. When a writer tells of things that are dear to them or things that move them personally, the passion exudes from every word chosen. 

If the story moves you, if you feel a connection with the characters, you are connecting with the writer. You have broken through the barrier and seen what the real world is not always privileged enough to witness. Moreover, you have been granted all of this with a touch of magic as the plot web comes together and the characters begin to dance like puppets on an author's string.

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