14 March 2013

Therian Secrets Musical Themes

It's no secret that Muse are one of my favorite bands and one of the biggest musical influences with my series THERIAN SECRETS. Hysteria is the song I hear in my head whenever I think of Danny and also the song I pictured the first time Jodie heard him play the piano. If there was a theme song (for me) for book one THE MERCENARY, this would be it.

Click here to listen to Hysteria by MUSE

I listened to many piano versions of Muse songs as I thought about Danny's playing. I always came back to this song (Hysteria) but this particular version gripped me more than the rest. This artist (Agostino Giglio) has such passion for his playing and you can feel/hear it as you watch/listen. I researched him and found out that Muse have been a huge inspiration for him too. He has some great songs out on youtube, most by Muse. I'll let you make up your own mind as to whether this is what you pictured.

Click here to listen to Muse piano cover (Agostino Giglio)

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