13 March 2014

Soxsational Scraps Cover Artist

This week I am extremely proud to share with you, my cover designer Soxie, from Soxsational Cover Art. She is a freelance cover artist whose work speaks for itself. Not only does she do ebook and paperback covers, but she can also offer you other graphics services. She can make banners for your website and facebook, and also create promo advertisements telling fans when your next book is out. 

One of the reasons I enjoy working with Soxie so much, is that not only is she dedicated to getting every last detail perfect, but she works with the author every step of the way. She will make a mock-up of the cover with no obligation to purchase the images, until both the artist and the author are satisfied. For me this was a pleasant and welcome relief from companies and publishers that only offer the opportunity to change the design once or twice. 

The other fantastic thing about this artist is that her services are affordable. You won't have to spend several hundred of dollars on a cover. Depending on the cost of the images you select, you may be surprised at how well priced she is. I urge you to check out her WEBPAGE and also her FACEBOOK PAGE, where you can find out more information and also contact her. I will leave you with some samples of her work...






These next two are teaser graphics she did for THE BUTCHER, book three in my shapeshifter series THERIAN SECRETS