21 November 2012

Sisterhood of the Travelling Blog - Round 4

And now its time for round four of Sisterhood of the Travelling Blog!
I can't believe that another week has already rolled by... however we have another round of amazing blogs for your viewing pleasure! This week I am hosting Torie N James. Please give her a warm welcome, I hope you enjoy learning what motivates her.

What motivates me when I’m writing?

Excellente question, mi amigas. It can be a multitude of things to be honest. Anything from the music I’ve got going on my player, to the movie of the moment on the television. Sometimes, even just the feel of my dog, Lacee, wrapped up at my side can evoke a mood or a setting when I’m really on my A-game. The best times, however, are when it’s a rainy day out; the clouds are thick and dark, pulsing with rain and even in midday, it can seem as though it’s night. I’ve learned, over the years, that I do my best work during the fall and winter. It’s nutty, but true. 

Something about the snap of cold in the air, the brush of a soft wind coming in through an opened window or the deep rumble of far off thunder can elicit a maelstrom of creativity within me. During the summer months, when I’m able to, I love to sit on the beach, right at dawn or at sunset and watch the sky come alive with bursts of color. The sound of the waves lapping the shoreline is a mystical motivator for me as well.

I have to say, as well, that the characters themselves can be inspiring and propel me forward when I’m tapping away on the keyboard. And depending on my mood, that’s who gets the most attention that day. When I’m feeling broody, out of control and myopic, I tend to work my male characters a lot more. The polar opposite of course, when I’m having a good day and things seem upbeat, the females get the top spot.

And as crazy as it may seem, scents can also motivate me. I’m big on the olfactory senses, so we tend to keep a lot of scented candles around the house. Just how I roll, I guess! 

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