25 June 2014

Author Interview - Pirate the Wonky Eyed Cat

Today we have a very special guest. Future protagonist, Pirate the cat, has been gracious enough to let us interview him. 

1. Have you always had a passion for writing? - Well Jo, I am only 3 and tend to be very forgetful, so not as far as I know. It was only recently I decided to start putting paw to the old keyboard and have been purrty happy with the results.

2. Does what you read influence what you write and what are some of your favourite authors/books? – I’m a cat, I can’t read. Strange I know, given I am writing a book and I find it impossible to explain how this works. It just does. That being said I tend to watch Movies or listen to music. My favourite movie is Life Of Pi. I watched the whole thing! (But that Whale breaching the water scared me lots)

3. What are your biggest inspirations? – Bugs, Birds, Eating, Playing and Sleeping. Those would be the top four. Of course I do take some of my own life experiences and put them into my pieces. How can I not, I am just too cool.

4. Do you have a technique in how you choose characters and/or locational settings? – I tend to use friends and family members, even those I have yet to meet. For example, there is a cat in New Zealand called Le Chat. I have heard lots about her and have decided she is a crazy cat, who thinks she is French, but isn’t. It’s HILLARIOUS! (Or maybe it’s one of those “you have to be there” situations)

5. Do you listen to music while you are creating your masterpieces? – Honestly, I don’t really like music. You see Mum dances with lots, I mean LOTS, when there is music playing. I tend to make a run for it when I hear music. Anyway, the sounds of bugs and birds is way better.

6. What do you do to stay motivated and avoid writer’s block? – Cats don’t get writers block. We are just so awesome it doesn’t happen. As for staying motivated, try stopping me from doing anything! I am constantly off on some crazy adventure with my friends.
7. How has becoming a published author (independent or traditional) changed your perspective on life and is it everything you expected it to be? (If you are not published yet – what changes do you foresee?) – Once I have been published I hope to see only one change. That my story brings a little light into peoples lives. That’s all. Oh and maybe some yummy cat food with the money I get.

8. What are your biggest challenges as an author? – I have four legs, am covered in fur and my eye is wonky. Then there is my name, Pirate the Wonky Eyed Cat Boyde. I mean, how will any publisher ever take me seriously?! That and the fact that I can’t proofread my work myself because I can’t read.
9. Do you have any pets? – Bahahahahaha…that is all
10. What hobbies do you have outside of reading and writing? – Playing, eating bugs, eating and sleeping. Oh and exploring strange and fantastical worlds that only cats can get to. Did I mention sleeping?
11. Where is the most exciting/memorable place you have been in the world? – If I told you that I would have to hiss at you and I’m not that kind of cat. It’s a secret, hidden world that only furry critters can find.

12. Tell us about your latest work in progress or most recent published work…- I am currently writing my life’s story. Sounds boring, but it’s really, really exciting. (You know it is because I used ‘really’ twice) It’s about how I became a cat and my journey so far. This wonderful tale features all my family and friends and is filled with little lessons along the way. It shall be epic!

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