4 June 2014

Interview with Aimie Jennison

This week, please join me in welcoming author Aimie Jennison to the blog! After we get to know her a little, she's going to talk about her latest work. Make sure you check it out. 

1. Have you always had a passion for writing?
Ever since I was little I have loved to people watch. When sitting in a public place full of people I enjoy making up stories for the people who pass by me.
I only started writing stories down 7 years ago and have only just plucked up the courage to share.
2. Does what you read influence what you write and what are some of your favourite authors/books?
I am a huge reader. I wouldnt say it influences me, as such, but it definitely inspires me when I pick up that gem of a book. I love Diana Gabaldons Outlander series, they are so well researched and full of history, I love my history. GJ Walker-Smith and her Wishes series is another inspiration. GJ writes a magical story, she sets a high standard.
3. What are your biggest inspirations?
My biggest inspiration would have to be my kids, I want to show them that you can do anything you put your mind to.
4. Do you have a technique in how you choose characters and/or locational settings?
To be honest the characters come to me and tell me their story, I dont have much say in what happens to them. I might be washing the dishes and they just pop up in my head.
5. Do you listen to music while you are creating your masterpieces?
Yes. Music is a must while I am writing, it helps me zone in and block out the real world. I have three noisy boys running around my house and need my earphones in to block out the noise they can make. Also, sometimes, a certain song will bring a character or storyline to me.
6. What do you do to stay motivated and avoid writers block?
I have some fabulous friends who have talked me out of mental blocks. Sometimes I need to step away completely and work on another story. Reading a favourite book also can help pull my head away from what has blocked me off from my characters.
7. How has becoming a published author (independent or traditional) changed your perspective on life and is it everything you expected it to be? (If you are not published yet what changes do you foresee?)
I am publishing in the next few days and I still have no idea what is coming. I have connected with so many lovely people in this business and made some life long friends. I think one of the biggest changes will be that finally start to find out who I really am.
8. What are your biggest challenges as an author?
Being organised. I am, what I call, a messy writer. I dont write in order. I can write a chapter that belongs at the end of the book first, and then follow it with a chapter from the beginning of the book. I have notebooks everywhere. I piece it all together like a jigsaw puzzle.
9. Do you have any pets?
I am a bird lady. I have 2 hand reared parrots who love cuddles and kisses. Jax, an eclectus who is 3 years old this week and Opie, a Galah (red-breasted cockatoo) who is almost 2 years old. And yes, as you can see by the names, I am a huge Sons of Anarchy fan.
10. What hobbies do you have outside of reading and writing?
A walk on the beach is one of my favourite things to do, it always blows away the cobwebs. I love to swim too.
11. Where is the most exciting/memorable place you have been in the world?
When I was 9 I went on a camping trip with my Mum, Dad, Grandad and Grandma. We drove from Sunshine Coast in Queensland to Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the Northern Territory. it was the most amazing trip. The whole area around Uluru just feels so spiritual, its no wonder it is sacred to the local Pitjantjatjara tribe.
12. Tell us about your latest work in progress or most recent published work
Pride to Pack is book one in The Mount Roxby Series. It is due for release any day now. I originally wrote this book when I was pregnant with my youngest son, he must have brought out the creativity in me. 
Rosabel McGuiness, orphaned Werewolf, has finally decided to leave the Werelion Pride shes been living with for the last 18 years. Shes been challenged to one duel too many. Its time to find a pack to call home.
Theodore Wilson, Alpha of the Mount Roxby Pack, has never cared about finding his Mate. He swore off women when his Wife, a human who knew nothing about what he was, cheated on him. But now a new wolf has walked into town, and stirred up feelings he never imagined he would feel.
Mount Roxby has a plethora of supernatural beings, unbeknownst to the humans that live there. After a series of mysterious disappearances, and fatal attacks on both Werewolves and Vampires alike, Rosabel decides something needs to be done. But can she persuade the Pack Alpha and Vampire King, to put old prejudices behind them long enough to work together, and solve these attacks?
Or will one bite too many cause a war?

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